Transformation and New Beginnings

Hi Friend

2020 has been quite a year so far. For me, it’s been a time of reflection as I finally got the alone time I craved. As a creative and multi-passionate person I feel like I can never be bored but that also means it’s very easy to distract myself with shiny objects and interesting projects.

Here’s the real deal. Like many women, I raised my child (I’m a single mom but this can happen even if you’re co-parenting) and now that she’s grown I’m looking at myself like “Who am I and where are my abs?”

I was raised in a family, country, culture that values sacrifice especially from women. What I’m learning from self reflection and a phenomenal coaching program, is that giving with an open heart and sacrifice are very different things. The energy behind what you do something determines the outcome more than the action. Open-hearted giving has the energy of love and abundance. Sacrifice feels like victimhood and lack.

I am committed to growth and abundance and glamour and self care and healing my wounded feminine energy. Join me and let’s grow together.

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